Quality Synthetic Industries Limited

Historical background

A Public Limited Company in the name of Quality Investments Limited was got incorporated on 5th April, 1975 with registration certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies West Bengal vide Registration Certificate No.29956 of 1975 with seven subscribers to the Memorandum of Association with the object of financing business. 

The Certificate of commencement of business was also granted by ROC to the company on 5th May, 1975. Subsequently, the name of the company was changed to Quality Synthetic Industries Limited and a fresh Certificate of Incorporation was obtained on 8th March, 1988 with the object of taking up the business of financing and manufacturing. 

The company is a non-banking financial company and was got registered with the Reserve Bank of India on 23.03.1998.

The company is listed on Calcutta Stock Exchange and Delhi Stock Exchange.

The company has started the business of real estate to purchase and sell the land and with this end in view, the company has made an   agreement  to  purchase  the  land. In  this way,  the  company  has diversified its activities by taking up development of real estate business in addition to its financing activity.

It is a cash rich company and has earned substantial profits during the last three years.  The management is hopeful that diversification in the real estate business will increase its profits substantially.

The recent growth in capital markets  is expected to substantially enhance the value of the company’s investment activity and its bottleline/projects.

Risk and Concerns

At Quality Synthetic Industries Limited, all key functions and divisions are independently responsible to monitor risk associated within their respective areas of operation such as financing and real estate.  Financing and real estate businesses are subject to change of the Government policies.

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